Cleaning Services

Some of the cleaning services we provide include:

  • Office cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • High water pressure cleaning
  • Window cleaning


As indicated above we have and do successfully service a wide range of premises. We have provided our services to clients requiring cleaning on a large scale such as in office towers. We also provide services to clients requiring cleaning of many decentralized branches. As well, we provide our services to smaller clients where flexibility and competitive rates are important. Our cleaning services have been chosen for such prestigious buildings as the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Premiers Department and Chief Secretary’s Building.

We have also successfully managed the cleaning services for the following buildings.

  • The Roads and Traffic Authority, Castlereagh Street Sydney (42.000 sq metres)
  • Central Square Sydney (27.000 sq metres)
  • Roads and Traffic Authority, Sydney and Country (45.000 sq metres)
  • State Office Block Sydney, (38.000 sq metres)
  • McKell Building Sydney (29.000 sq metres)
  • And a number of smaller buildings with New South Wales Supply Service, Roads and Traffic Authority, Australian Taxation office and Defence Housing Authority.